About the Program

Governor Nathan Deal behind podium


REACH Georgia was launched February 6, 2012, at Georgia Institute of Technology. AT&T donated $250,000 seed funding for REACH Georgia’s first pilot year.

The REACH Georgia Scholarship “rewards students for self-accountability, promotes parent involvement and provides motivation and support; all factors that we know are critical in student educational achievement,” said Governor Nathan Deal at the launch of the program.

In the first pilot year, REACH Georgia partnered with Douglas, Rabun and Dodge County School Systems, committed 15 middle school students as Scholars and invested $150,000 to student scholarships. For academic-year 2016-2017, four years after the launch, REACH Georgia serves approximately 685 students in 69 school districts across the state with over $11 million committed to future scholarships for these Scholars.

REACH Georgia is administered by the Georgia Student Finance Authority (GSFA), a companion student finance entity of the Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC). GSFC is the state agency that administers the HOPE Scholarship and Grant Program as well as other state- and lottery- funded financial aid programs. GSFC also manages the career and college preparation website, GAfutures.org and provides educational services such as free financial aid consultation and FAFSA completion assistance to high schools and postsecondary institutions across the state.