Kevin Ramirez – Testimonial

Kevin Ramirez

The best part of being a REACH scholar is being able to have the chance to go to college and hopefully succeed in life.

Leigha Sapp – Testimonial

Leigha Sapp

The best part of being a REACH Scholar is that it gave me a chance to attend college.  Otherwise, I might not have had the chance.

Jaterrious Little – Testimonial

Jaterrious Little

Being a REACH Scholar has helped me to find the right college, opened my eyes to more career options and provided students like myself a chance.

Jared Davis – Testimonial

Jared Davis

The best part of being a REACH scholar is to be able to have a mentor that shares my interest in my career path and to have the academic support that will help me pursue my educational goals.

Emma Eubanks – Testimonial

Being a REACH Scholar is not just about having financial security provided for my education, it’s about knowing that my hard work is paying off.

Tovar-Villagomez – Testimonial

The best part about being a REACH Scholar is having the opportunity to accomplish my dreams and going beyond what is expected.