Leigha Sapp – Testimonial

This has given me the opportunity to meet others and the confidence to finish my education so that I can begin a career.

Tovar-Villagomez – Testimonial

The best part about being a REACH Scholar is having the opportunity to accomplish my dreams and going beyond what is expected.  

Emely M. Pajarito – Testimonial

REACH gives me the opportunity to immediately attend a 4-year college after high school, rather than beginning at a community college and transferring.

Rafael Fajardo – Testimonial

I can now rest assured that I will not end up in a lot of debt and will receive financial help with my college career.

Dr. Irma Townsend – Testimonial

I just love REACH. This is my 37th year as an educator, and honestly, REACH wins when it comes to the most rewarding thing I’ve done.