Janelle Gissele Tenorio Sanchez , Fulton County Schools, Class of 2019

REACH Scholar Janelle Tenorio

What is the best part about being a REACH Scholar?

The best part of being a REACH Scholar is representing who I am. Being the only female student who received ‘Academic Excellence’ in my IB Design Technology class taught me that hard work pays off and being a woman in engineering can make a big difference. When I walked across that stage to receive my certificate, I was not only representing REACH, I was representing feminism and my nationality.

How have you benefited from your involvement with REACH?

Being involved with REACH has connected me with an array of diverse people that have benefited me, such as helping me through the college process. They’ve presented me with opportunities that I’ve taken advantage of.

How has your future outlook changed since becoming a REACH Scholar?

My future changed the day when I was presented as a REACH Scholar at my school. At first, college seemed like a fantasy, but now it’s a reality. Since that day, I’ve been more motivated towards achieving my goals. Looking at my future, I’m more secure and confident in my goals and aspirations.