Kiara Underwood, Atlanta Public Schools, Class of 2018

What is the best part about being a REACH Scholar?

I enjoyed working with my mentor and having additional supports to assist with career planning and college access.

How have you benefited from your involvement with REACH?

One of the greatest benefits of becoming a REACH scholar was the increased number of opportunities I have had to participate in college fairs every year of my high school career. I also had an opportunity to complete community service hours and serve in various leadership positions in my school. Finally, I enjoyed meeting with other REACH scholars and spending time with my mentor who provided me with academic and personal/social support.

How has your future outlook changed since becoming a REACH Scholar?

Being a REACH scholar has increased my outlook on life because I am confident that I will be able to attend a post-secondary school after graduation. I am a first-generation college attendee and hope that I will make my family and community proud.