Richard Carswell – Testimonial

The lifeblood of any community is economic development, but in order for you to create new jobs and attract businesses to your community, you need a skilled and trained workforce. The REACH Georgia scholarship provides the best return on investment Read More …

Josslyn Lally – Testimonial

Everyone is there to be of aid to you…I never forget the tips and encouragement from all the people that make being a REACH Scholar possible.

Emily Flores-Medrano – Testimonial

“Being a Reach Scholar has impacted me in a big way. It has impacted me academically. It has made me work harder to get the best possible grades I can earn. It has lifted a big weight off my shoulders Read More …

Janelle Tenorio – Testimonial

Being involved with REACH has connected me with an array of diverse people who have aided me through the college process.

Taniya Allen – Testimonial

The best part about being a REACH Scholar is going to different events, like conventions, meeting new people and learning things about different jobs that you never knew.

Amber Moreland – Testimonial

My favorite part about being a Reach Scholar is that I get to meet new people and help out others within my community.

Chrislyn Whatley – Testimonial

Chrislyn Abigail Whatley

The best part about being a REACH Scholar is that it has helped me to obtain a clear career goal and aided me in paying for college.