Destiny Long – Testimonial

I feel like I have raised my own expectations of myself due to being one of the few chosen for such an opportunity.

Richard Kyle Kornegay – Testimonial

The best part is the realization that you are helping a young woman or man reach their full potential when it may have been more difficult otherwise.

Taniya Allen – Testimonial

The best part about being a REACH Scholar is going to different events, like conventions, meeting new people and learning things about different jobs that you never knew.

Audrey Andersen – Testimonial

Each REACH Scholars is different in their goals, aspirations and talents but what they all have in common is a desire to learn, work hard, be humble and make an impact.

Maria B. Hoffman – Testimonial

These kids are the future of our community and it is critical that we pull together and support them in reaching their fullest potential!

Celaret Perez – Testimonial

The best part of being a REACH Scholar is knowing that I have been given the opportunity to receive a scholarship.