Become a REACH Scholar

Now more than ever, being able to go to college and earn a degree, diploma or career certificate is imperative to a successful future. Are you ready for a jump-start in the right direction? If so, REACH is here to provide the support and guidance to help you achieve your educational and career goals!

Through academic, social, and financial support, REACH provides the resources to ensure you graduate from high school, access college, achieve postsecondary success and are prepared to join the 21st-century workforce.

Eligible students

The REACH program regulations provide requirements for student eligibility. Eligible students must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen for 12 consecutive months prior to the first day of classes of the spring term of the REACH Scholar’s 7th-grade school year.
  • Be enrolled in a REACH School System in an eligible middle school.
  • Demonstrate financial need according to the federal income eligibility guidelines.
  • Not have had more than two in-school suspensions during the two semesters or four quarters immediately preceding the spring term of the student’s 7th-grade year.
  • Do not have any crime and/or drug convictions.
  • Not be deemed truant (truant: any child who is subject to compulsory attendance and who has more than five (5) days of unexcused absences during the student’s middle school calendar years).
  • Have his/her parents/guardians complete and submit a release of information form, as part of the application process, authorizing the school to provide Georgia Student Finance Authority (GSFA) information related to the student’s participation in the program.
  • Demonstrate academic promise (grade, attendance and behavior requirements).


The REACH Program also provides guidance in the selection of Scholars. Preference should be given to:

  • Future first generation college students.
  • Students who have less than a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in core courses but have the potential to make A and B grades.
  • Students who have no disciplinary infractions during the two semesters immediately preceding the spring term of the student’s 7th-grade year.
  • Students who have the potential to succeed at the postsecondary level.


Student Application Process

All Scholars are selected as 8th-grade students by participating REACH School Systems in the spring of a student’s 7th-grade year or fall of their 8th-grade year. School Systems have a rigorous application process to select Scholars. School Systems select Scholars by the following process:

  • Identifying all students eligible under the federal income eligibility guidelines.
  • Nominating qualified students to apply. Nominations can be made by counselors, principals, superintendents or anyone else within the school system who is able to identify students most in need of the REACH Scholarship.
  • Requiring nominated Scholars to fill out the REACH Student Application which includes an academic recommendation and community recommendation.
  • Reviewing student packets (nomination form, demonstrated proof of financial need, citizenship/residency requirements, grade/attendance/discipline reports, etc.).
  • Interviewing all eligible students by a student selection committee. The student selection committee members differ in each school system. Contact the REACH Coordinator in your school system to find out who is on your selection committee.



Once a student has been selected to participate in the REACH Program, Scholars sign a contract committing to:

  • Maintain strong grades
    • A middle school REACH Scholar must maintain a Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better as calculated by the School System;
    • A high school REACH Scholar must maintain a HOPE-Calculated GPA of 2.5 or better (see how the HOPE GPA is calculated)
    • All REACH Scholars must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and a minimum 2.0 HOPE GPA in their Eligible Postsecondary Institution.
  • Remain drug and alcohol-free.
  • Meet with his/her assigned REACH mentor for a minimum of eight times per semester.
  • Meet with his/her assigned REACH academic coach for a minimum of four times per semester.
  • Attend REACH Program activities.
  • Maintain good attendance and behavior.
  • Graduate from high school.
  • Enroll in a HOPE-eligible college or university in the state of Georgia.


REACH Georgia is invested in student achievement. We want to see you succeed and will be there every step of the way. Contact the REACH Coordinator in your school system today to find out if you are eligible to become a REACH Scholar and get on the road to success!