Our Program

The overarching goal of REACH Georgia is to provide greater college access for students throughout Georgia and prepare them for the 21st Century Workplace.

REACH wants to influence the postsecondary success, and ultimately life outcomes, of low-income students across Georgia.

Data reveal the size and scope of this challenge, which extends well beyond the initial capacity of REACH. The target population is the 1.1 million low-income students in the public K12 system who represent 62% of the total Georgia student population.

REACH Georgia is trying to tackle a problem that is:

1) Seen across the United States, with only 10% of low-income Americans having obtained a bachelor’s degree by the age of 25 compared to 50% of their high-income peers.

2) Given the number of low-income students in Georgia and the share of those students currently without access to postsecondary educational opportunities.