Our Action

Many school systems struggle with a high number of students who do not complete high school.  In an effort to raise high school graduation rates in our state, REACH Georgia and REACH Georgia School Systems give support to the selected REACH Scholars beyond a financial scholarship. REACH Scholars are also given the academic and social support to ensure they graduate from high school and attain a college degree or certificate. We believe our multi-step approach leads to success for each child.

Stock photo of Graduating Class

  1. Student Commitment: REACH Scholars are selected in middle school and sign a contract along with their parent/guardian to maintain a 2.5 HOPE-Calculated GPA, remain crime, drug, and behavior issue free, and meet with a volunteer mentor and academic coach until they graduate from high school. To be awarded their scholarship, each Scholar must continue to meet program requirements until high school graduation. If a student does not fulfill program standards, they risk losing their $10,000 scholarship.


  1. Parental/Guardian Commitment: Along with their Scholar, REACH parents or guardians sign a contract to support and encourage their student to develop positive relationships with teachers, mentors, tutors, counselors and academic coaches, attend REACH Georgia sponsored meetings, and continually communicate with school personnel and volunteers to ensure their student is on the path to high school graduation.


  1. Mentor Commitment: Each REACH School System commits to match each Scholar with a caring adult mentor who aims to meet with the student every week for a minimum of eight times per semester. These volunteer mentors are recruited, trained, supported, and monitored by the REACH School Systems to ensure the Scholars are provided with appropriate academic and social support.


  1. Academic Coach Commitment: Each Scholar is provided with an academic coach within the school system who monitors each student’s behavior, grades and weekly attendance. The academic coach meets with the student once per month to ensure Scholars are on track to graduate and continue to meet program regulations.


  1. Financial Scholarship: Each Scholar who graduates high school having met all program requirements receives a Scholarship of up to $10,000 earmarked to them in the 8th grade. The Scholar is able to receive up to $2,500 per year for up to four years to be used towards the cost of attendance while enrolled full-time at a HOPE-eligible postsecondary institution in the state of Georgia.


  1. Continuation of Academic and Social Support: REACH Georgia ensures that Scholars not only have access to a postsecondary institution, but are also equipped with the resources to successfully transition and complete their postsecondary degree. REACH Georgia, in partnership with our postsecondary institutions, provides continuous support throughout their postsecondary degree or certificate attainment.