Our Success

Student with copybookSince the program’s launch in 2012, REACH Georgia has supported more than 4,300 active scholars with participation in all 180 public school systems in the state.

We serve students living in low-income households in every school system across Georgia. Our current scholar demographics:

African American 45%
White 29%
Hispanic/Latino 19%
Multiracial 5%
Asian/Pacific Islander 2%

REACH Scholars have committed to follow a rigorous educational path to be eligible to receive their scholarships upon graduation. They are currently minding the ABCs of nationally recognized early success indicators which include:

  • Attending school regularly
  • Maintaining good behavior
  • Preparing to succeed in post-secondary school as reflected in good course performance


Additionally, our scholars have experienced the power of advocacy in meeting regularly with their mentor and academic coach.

To date, REACH Georgia has graduated six classes of high school seniors. The graduating classes of 2017~2022 consist of over 900 scholars. These students have had an average final GPA of 3.26 and 76% of the scholars completed high school with a HOPE Scholarship-eligible GPA in addition to REACH Georgia Scholarship eligibility.