REACH Coordinators

The REACH Coordinator plays a critical role in the success of the program for each school system. The Coordinator ensures program fidelity and is the point of contact for REACH Georgia staff. The Coordinator should have the ability to work with the mentors, academic coaches, school personnel, members of the community, volunteers, REACH Scholars and REACH staff to ensure that program requirements are met. The REACH Coordinator is appointed by the school superintendent.


  1. Ensure that all REACH Scholars, parents/guardians, mentors and academic coaches have an understanding of their role and responsibility in the REACH Georgia Program.
  2. Ensure school system and student paperwork is submitted to the REACH staff.
  3. Oversee the student selection and interview process.
  4. Ensure student academic, behavior, attendance, mentoring and coaching data is submitted to REACH Georgia staff. Submits any additional Scholar reports to REACH Georgia staff as requested.
  5. Coordinate the survey dissemination, completion and submission.
  6. Coordinate events with the schools, students, parents and administration.
  7. Local mentoring champion – Ensures high-quality mentoring by selecting qualified mentors for all REACH Scholars. Conducts or oversees mentor training (min. two hours pre-match) in compliance with REACH standards. Ensures mentees and mentors have an understanding of their role and responsibility in the mentoring relationship
  8. Work with the superintendent and community partners on fundraising efforts.

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